Dealing in High Quality Pine Gum Rosin, Yellow Gum Rosin, Biroza and Gum Rosin, etc. at Market Leading Prices..
An Introduction

Mr. Ravi, who is a renowned businessman from a small town of Haldwani, Uttrakhand, started a business in the year. He chose a completely different line of products that not every person is aware of but people who use them know about their benefits. He started with a small investment, adopted several business policies, made strong approaches that made him earn well and have a healthy business. Today, there are over 20 people working in his company, Kailash Biroza Udyog, together with his team, he is dedicated to provide industry's finest quality Rosin (Biroza), Pine Gum Rosin, Yellow Gum Rosin, Pure Gum Rosin, Turpentine Oil. The company holds leading position and high respect in its industry as a manufacturer and supplier. Its 24 hours of hard work and determination of our people that today we are called a reliable business entity. Our offered Rosin, which is also called Biroza is a kind of Gum Rosin/ Resin which is used on the hairs of musical bows for facilitating strings bowing. On several musical instruments from violin to sarangis, esrajs, dilrubas, tikara and tar shehnai, Biroza is used. Apart, our Gum Rosin brings to us its demands from several fields for use as an ingredient in photocopying, paper sizing, soldering fluxes, sealing wax, laser printing paper, rubber industry and textile industry. All products of our eminent company are provided to customers with a promise of their high quality, we take several measures to never fail on fulfilling our commitments.

Our Market Reputation

We are on the top of our business line, the position is attained by us after years of hard work. Our numerous clients trust us the most and never look after any other company as they are sure that we will provide them the best at most fair rates. We are holding complaints free track records that are result of our impressive customer care practices. Our company always listens to the clients, we work sincerely to know their exact requirements related to Gum Rosin and its related products. This help us in delivering range which clients actually want. The company is also famous across the market for its honesty in business dealing, we never keep anything, be it products processing methods, prices or policy hidden from our clients just for getting their orders.

Reasons to Choose Us
  • Expertise in the Field- With years spent in business of Rosin, Gum Rosin and related products, we have gained good experience and knowledge of the field, which makes us stand tall in the business as an expert.
  • Quality Control Practices- We believe in serving products that justify taken every penny and for this we run our company, following some strict Quality Control Practices. In our set up, a number of tests are conducted on offered range to serve pure and finest range.
  • Customer Oriented Approaches- Our organization is famous across the market for considering clients important and running business with approaches that benefit them the most.
  • Sincerity Towards Fulfilling Commitments- Words are valuable for us, we do what we promise to. Be it a promise related to products quality or punctual delivery, reasonable rate and shipment, we do the business the same way as we promise to.
  • "We Deal in Bulk Order Quantity"

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